Choosing the perfect school for your kids can be a hard choice. As a parent, you want to make sure you set up a stable foundation for their growth. There is a plethora of information out there and it can be a lot to absorb as parents. Here are a list of pros and cons for both public and private schools.
Public school pros.
-Government funded so they are more affordable than private schools. -They generally include a more varied/wide curriculum. -They support and offer more after school activities. -They have a more diverse range of ethnic children attending.
Public school cons. -Big class sizes means that there are not enough teachers for the students. Students can miss out on individual attention. -Some public schools do not have access to high-level technology and other resources because of lack of funding.
Private school pros. -Private schools often have a more challenging and rigorous academic curriculum. -Private schools are stricter in behavior management and teaching practices. -Private schools
Private school cons. -Some private schools are based on religion (usually catholic) and require students to partake in religious activities. -Private schools are expensive. Many students come from wealthy backgrounds so that can put stress and extra pressure on students. -There is less of a diverse environment between the students.
Regardless of what you choose, as a parent, trust that you know what is best for your child. Talentnook is always here to help to support education and help your child grow!
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