If you are a teacher, chances are that you will be highly benefited out of Talentnook. 

Talentnook is one of a kind, rather world’s first neighborhood learning community for kids. With a goal to create a platform for teachers to establish themselves within their community, we are soon becoming the ultimate destination for kickstarting teaching career for many aspiring and experienced teachers. The concept of Talentnook is simple — we strive to become a platform that showcases your talent to parents without any fuss or hidden agenda. 

Our motto is the deep-seeded desire to create a better tomorrow where the younger generation is more passionately inclined towards their talent. As we set path on this journey, we believe informing the community of teachers who will help us achieve this long-term goal. While we discuss our aspiration, we also would like to emphasis on the different focal points of Talentnook. Here are our four pillars that make us who we are — a community of knowledge, passion, and commitment. 

  1. Talentnook strives to help parents find teachers easily

We are the one platform that brings parents and teachers together from the same locality. Our idea is to ensure that parents do not have to travel miles to drop off their kids and neither should teacher travel extensively to teach a class thus bringing talent and passion closer. 

  1. Talentnook to create a network of teachers within a locality

The primary purpose of teacher-parent affinity in Talentnook is proximity. We believe in building a network of teachers in an area so that teachers can quickly identify their students closer to them. This enables the teachers to define class schedules, some students per class thus ensuring feasibility based on teacher preference and requirement. 

  1. Talentnook will ensure complete freedom of earning to registered teachers

Our part in a teacher’s career is restricted to creating visibility for a teacher’s talent within a locality. This gives the teacher complete freedom to their earnings, class rates, and payment method. Talentnook does not have any role thus giving them full independence without any interference, an advantage that most private tutors rejoice over thanks to the absence of hidden cost. 

  1. Talentnook aspires to transform the way children spend time after school 

Being built by a group of parents who were concerned about how kids spend time after school, Talentnook understands the value of time and creates multiple avenues to inculcate ideas and hobbies that help in self-growth. Repulsed by gadgets taking up all the free time and mind space, Talentnook is a stickler for identifying hidden talent and passion. 

To know more about Talentnook and to sign up as a teacher, visit www.talentnook.com/getstarted.