Talentnook now introduces the referral program.

If you know a passionate teacher, who is eager to put in extra hours during the weekends, or looking to venture out on their own, invite them to Talentnook. Proudly called the ‘Talentmaster program, we enroll teachers from different disciplines to promote after-school learning an expedition with passion and not a classroom with assignments and deadlines. With our online platform, we create a world for teachers to connect with parents within the local neighborhood and conduct classes within the locality.

To know more about our Talentmaster program, visit www.talentnook.com/getstarted 

For the first time ever, Talentnook launches a referral program – an engaging initiative to bring thriving teachers into the world of tutoring. With this exclusive limited time offer, one can earn up to $50 for referring a friend to the world’s first neighborhood learning community for kids. To know more about where we are located, read our blog

Write to us at invite@talentnook.com to get your personal referral code and earn $5 for every friend you invite!

Author Sumit