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Tutors play a vital role in many kids’ education and academic success. They provide an extra set of helping hands as we all know how tough school can be sometimes. Being a tutor is an extreme sport because there are a number of different things to take into consideration so that you can provide students with a productive learning session!

How much should a tutor charge?
This depends on a variety of factors. What are the demographics of your area? What can the average family afford to pay to send their child for tutoring? What is the demand for tutors? How are the school ratings in your area? How much do your client/parents value education? Analyzing the answer to all these questions will help you get an accurate estimate of how much you should charge for your tutoring services.

How much education do you personally have? Are you teaching elementary/basic level material or college material? Do you mostly want to focus on getting homework done? Do you want to spend most of the time teaching the subject? Do you want to prepare extra practice problems and help solve them? The quality of a tutor is extremely important. After all, that is the whole point of tutoring!

Teaching style and teaching personality.
How are you going to teach your students? Have a friendly and open attitude so that students feel comfortable asking for help. Pick up on clues from parents and students on what they feel is important and what they want to gain out of your sessions.

Starting a tutoring business can be hard in the beginning. Constructing a strong foundation will also generate more business, as parents and students converse with others and may potentially do your marketing for you. It is vital to build a exclusive community where students can thrive and you can make a difference in their lives!