Becoming one’s own boss is everyone’s dream.

From having the ability to work according to your schedule to create a name for yourself, independent work is a dream come true. But how many of us have been able to do it? Not many have the exposure or the platform that helps them achieve their dream. This is particularly true for teachers who are looking beyond the world of becoming a school teacher. The passion for teaching is often restricted due to an external environment. The freedom to choose work based availability, comfort and preferred schedule create a path for teachers to go ahead in their career.

As a revolution to change this scenario, Talentnook launches Talentmasters – an independent online platform that allows parents and teachers to connect and benefit. Launching first in the USA with headquarters in San Francisco Bay area, we aim to revamp the after-school learning scenario by creating a single dashboard for all your teaching needs. Simply put, Talentnook is set to transform your work life.


Who are Talentmasters?

Talentmasters is our term for the teachers of our community. Being masters of skills, we facilitate an open communication portal that showcases their capabilities while allowing teachers to choose the work based on location, fee, and requirement. Since Talentnook is only a facilitation platform, Talentmasters have complete control over their pricing. We believe it is the teacher’s prerogative to choose the class and ensure there is no coercion to that thought.

Why Talentnook?

With a young and forward thought, Talentnook aims to bridge the gap between learners and teachers. If the reason for a passionate educator to not teach is lack of opportunity and exposure, Talentnook is working to change the situation. Our ideology is simple – work from where you want and how you want. This is our foundation, and hence we ensure that our Talentmasters can choose work from within their neighborhood.

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Being a platform for finer education, Talentnook is a versatile digital world that is a hub for teachers of all disciplines from mathematics to music, chess to chemistry, social science to swimming. A simple registration process ensures credibility thus giving them an edge over others. Affordable, simple, and completely flexible, Talentnook welcomes future Talentmasters to the world of infinite possibilities!