When we met Krishiv, he was a grade 4 student and no less than an all-round achiever.  Krishiv had already graduated with an Associate Degree in Math at the age of 11 with a 4.0 GPA. Additionally, he trained for Kajukenbo martial arts black belt, served as a keynote speaker at a global AI conference, has written a blog for the Frederick Douglass Foundation, is enrolled in an ethical hacking certification course, enjoys higher-level math courses, and of course, loves to play video games with his friends.

The pandemic however wasn’t kind to many students and Krishiv was one of them. While some of his professors went missing, he found himself struggling with a few subjects and, long-form writing was one of them. He particularly struggled with writing detailed narratives.

To overcome his writing challenges, Krishiv enrolled in the Talentnook Writing Academy. And in no time, his grade in English improved from a B to a straight-A! We thought his experience would make for an interesting read for all the parents and students out there who may be faced with a similar situation. 

How Krishiv Achieved Writing Success with the Talentnook Writing Academy

In no time, we caught up with Krishiv for a little candid tete-a-tete about his experience with Talentnook Writing Academy, and here are some excerpts from the same:

Talentnook: Hi Krishiv! Tell us a little about yourself and what you enjoy doing.

Krishiv: I am a junior in Computer Engineering. I enjoy working on math problems, coding challenges, reading, and playing video games.

Talentnook: What is that one recent achievement in your studies that you’re proud of and why?

Krishiv: One achievement in my studies is I got good grades because of the Talentnook Writing Academy. I improved from a B to an A almost effortlessly since I enjoyed the learning process so much. It made me feel good and proud of myself, especially because I initially struggled with writing detailed narratives.

Talentnook: We’re thrilled Krishiv! Tell us more about how the pandemic and virtual learning affected you and how did you work around it?

Krishiv: I reached out to Talentnook when Covid forced all classes to go virtual in my final semester and when one particular math professor decided he wouldn’t give live or recorded lectures and wouldn’t hold office hours. We would have to learn the material independently for homework and exams that were far advanced beyond the curriculum. The struggle was real!

Talentnook: Ah, we feel you! How do you think Talentnook Writing Academy really helped you?

Krishiv: First of all, the Talentnook tutor stepped in for an absentee math professor to walk through concepts in more detail and review homework assignments. So that was solved for me. And as for English, I have been taking English classes for one year and Talentnook helped me in learning and practicing how to write compelling and structured essays.


Talentnook: What did you like most about the teaching process? Did you enjoy taking lessons with your tutor?

Krishiv: I like playing Kahoots in Ms. Denny’s class and the new books every session. What I liked the most about tutors at Talentnook were their relatability, intelligence, and great personalities. They are very highly qualified and make learning so much fun. I didn’t feel burdened or bogged down ever. 

Talentnook: We’re passing on that big compliment to your tutors! What advice would you give to students like yourself who’re currently struggling with online learning during their school lockdown?

Krishiv: I would advise them to stay calm, relax and take enough breaks during the day to learn better. I think success in academics in our education system is 80% time management. So, create a simple weekly task list, knock them once done, and then you might be surprised how much time is left in the week when you don’t have to commute. I think this pandemic has been a great opportunity to try fun things that you normally wouldn’t have time for.

I also suggest that they try out a free MOOC course or get a certification in something they are passionate about. Apart from all the studies, I also feel having fun is important. They could do daily pilates or kickboxing, there are several tutorials on YouTube. Even visiting trekking trails and beaches is a great idea according to me. The essence of it is in having fun while learning, that’s all I mean!

Talentnook: Wow, that’s quite pithy and right! We are proud to have students like you trust us and the process. Way to go, Krishiv!

Now as you must have guessed, Krishiv is already planning to take other higher-level courses with Talentnook. If you are a student or a parent to a student struggling with writing, relax, we’ve got your back! 

Join our online interactive Talentnook Writing Academy to hone reading comprehension & writing skills for a new school year (open for grades 2-9). You can explore a plethora of courses on reading, writing & comprehension, etc. Don’t know where to begin? Start by requesting a free assessment here.

Happy learning to you! Hope to see you soon at the Talentnook Writing Academy!

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