Do teachers need a resume?

That is the single most daunting question a teacher faces. But as we all know, every professional needs to keep a record of their accolades and experience. This may be in the form of a website, a write-up, resumes, or even profile listing across professional sites including LinkedIn. While the need is the same, it is essential to understand the target audience and tweak the profile to suit the readers. An IT professional needs to list out all the areas of his expertise in both software and hardware related aspects, while a doctor should mention his medical degrees along with his/her experience.

So, what should a teacher mention in their resumes? Here we look-see the five essential components of a good teacher resume/profile that catches attention and increases credibility.

1. Degree/certifications

The foremost and vital aspect of a good resume for a teacher must contain the relevant teacher certifications and degrees. To know more about the mandatory degrees and certifications required by US law to become a teacher, look into online blogs that cover the educational requirements for a teacher. Listing them as bullet points is an easy way to let the reader know all of your qualifications.

2. Personality summary

Writing a summary about yourself is just as important as the educational qualifications. This is your story, and only you have this story. In marketing terms, create a summary that sells your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that not only identifies your critical areas of interest but also connects with what the reader wants.

3. Experience

US law requires aspiring teachers to have specific hours of training before becoming a full-time teacher. With this head start, mention all of the teaching experience on the resume. This increases the chances of getting recognized as a qualified teacher. Experience in the field of teaching is equally important as education itself as one becomes a better teacher only through experience and real-life teaching.

4. Achievements

Got an award as the ‘Best Teacher’ in your school? Mention it and all other achievements and recognition on your profile. It is important to let others know what has happened. These awards are not just used to fill space in a resume but to make you stand out among hundreds of teachers in your area of teaching. Also, make an effort to take as many extra certifications as possible as this helps boost your profile.

5. Contact details

Before signing off, make sure there is a clear ‘Call to action’ opportunity. A truly inspiring resume should have contact details for the reader to probe them to communicate further. This also helps in networking with people who are looking for new opportunities or who can create a platform for new avenues of work.

If you have a genuinely inspiring resume and wondering how to get your profile around, check out the blog on how to get recognized within your community. Alternatively, you can explore Talentnook – our one-of-a-kind platform that helps teachers connect with parents and become their boss.