As society progresses, technology skyrockets as well. From new iPhones coming out every year to students taking quizzes on laptops, we seem to involve technology in everything we do because of how progressive, innovative, and helpful it can be! You’ll be surprised to see how even little kids know more than you. Exposure to technology in school has recently been a major hit and has been proven to improve a child’s education.


Teachers are using the internet as portals to post grades, administer tests, and allow homework submission from students. There are portals that make grading and uploading grades so much faster that way. The system automatically grades students’ work without the teacher having to put in the extra time outside school to do so. It also automatically uploads the scores on to the student’s grade book, so that they can see their results in a time manner.


Email communication is a fast, effective way for teachers to communicate with students and parents. Sharing concerns and posting announcements becomes quick and easy. This keeps everyone involved with their child’s education.

The world of the internet.

Although some parents have concerns about the big world of the internet, it is also important to recognize that the internet is a huge platform of so much information. This can provide students with a lot of learning outside the classroom. There are so many educational apps and websites that are specifically made for students to learn.

School work.

Many classrooms have been using technology to replace paperwork and reduce time that they would rather spend doing something more productive. It has become an eco-friendly option as most things are done electronically.

So many young students are involved with things like robotics in school. Technology is always going to be an expanding field and is continuing to be a part of almost every field. Isn’t it so exciting to see how experimental and cool technology can be?!

Home Schooling Author Prerna