Time Travelers

Time Travelers
Time Travelers: Exploring History is an engaging educational program designed to immerse young learners into the fascinating world of history. Studying the lives of historical figures and key events helps students understand challenges, and contributions across diverse cultures and backgrounds.
Student to teacher ratio
Min. 8 and Max. 20 students
Session duration
45-90 mins
Adjusted based on school requirements
1-2 times per week
In this immersive program, students step into the shoes of historical heroes and delve into the changes and struggles that shaped our world. They will explore the lives and legacies of renowned figures and historical pivotal moments. Throughout the course, students engage in a hands-on learning experience by selecting their favorite historical leader, era, and cause-and-effect scenario. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their learning through creative projects and presentations. This interactive approach allows them to uncover the mysteries, qualities, and circumstances that made each moment in history memorable, enriching their understanding and appreciation of history.
What happens in the class
In each class of Time Travelers, students get to choose their favorite leader, time period, and what changed history. Students engage in role-playing exercises, where they act out historical events and take on the personas of key historical figures. This hands-on approach helps them understand the motivations and challenges faced by these individuals. Our Expert teachers use visual aid which makes it easier for students to grasp the context and significance of historical changes. Each student will have their portfolio and the teacher will keep their work until the end of the session. The portfolios will then be returned to students, showcasing their skills and accomplishments at home.
Student outcomes
Gain a deeper understanding of historical events and figures by exploring their lives and legacies.
Understand more about who they are by learning about the past and how it affects the world today.
Connect different parts of history by exploring a favorite historical leader, period, or event.