High school students have a lot going on – from handling school work, preparing for college entrance exams, and preparing for exams. Amidst all these activities, a few select students also partake in tutoring services as a way of giving back to the community and to make extra cash. While it seems like a great idea to have a part-time job, it is also essential to not get burned out during the process.

Owing to age and lack of experience, there have been many instances where parents are concerned that the child has taken on too much workload both at school front and personally. Here are a few tips that help students and parents understand the importance of destressing and make handling the two worlds less cumbersome.

Self-analysis of current commitments

Before beginning to work as a part-time tutor, a high school student must first analyze the current situation. Understanding the workload from school is essential before entering a long-term commitment such as tutoring. Although this is a part-time job, if a student is unable to put in the hours agreed earlier, it will not be a fruitful experience for both the tutor and the students. List out all the needs of the school beforehand and predict the necessary hours required before starting a tutoring job.

Executable work schedule

Schools are getting more robust these days with extra classes and increased homework. Keeping this in mind, a student must prepare a work schedule that does not distort the focus from schoolwork while helps the students excel in the subjects they are tutored. If weekdays require long hours for schoolwork, including tutoring sessions might become tiring. An executable work schedule is more important than the number of hours allotted for tutoring.

Contingency plans

In case the tutoring session cannot be conducted during the scheduled time, then it is necessary to have contingency plans. Since the education of another child is in the hands of the tutor, keeping a backup plan is required to avoid confusion and last-minute mixup. The tutor must have other options including the time to reschedule the class or backup tutors to fill in the place. This way, the tutor can avoid stress, and the relationship between the parent and the tutor will not be affected.

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