Whether it’s improving your grades or striving to be the greatest chess player you can be, nothing comes without practice. Practice allows you the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. However, as a parent, sometimes you have to push your child to practice so that they can achieve to be the best. Here are some tips on ways you can encourage your child to practice!


Try not to make practicing sound like a chore or homework. Encourage your child with the positive pros of practicing. Educate your child on the benefits of practicing. Practice will only help them in the long run, never hurt them. When they do perform better, give credit to their efforts and time spent practicing. After seeing that hard work and determination pays off, this will encourage them to continue practicing for similar results in the future.

Reward system.

One popular parenting technique is known as the reward system. If used correctly, it can be very effective for the development of a child. Set rules on which you and your child agree on for this game. For every ‘A’ on a test, reward them with an extra 15 minutes of TV time. For every hour that they practice the piano, extend their bedtime by 10 minutes. This provides them with an incentive to practice and they get the results they want. It’s a win-win situation for everybody!

Arrange group activities.

Peers can play a major role in decision making and can influence your child in many ways. Arrange for a group of classmates to come over to study for a test or practice playing basketball in a friendly competition. This will also make practicing a fun activity to do with others!

Like they say, practice makes perfect!

Home Schooling Author Prerna