Teachers, Tutors, and Instructors!

We are excited to announce the launch of Talentnook for teachers.

Our mantra is to improve the after-school learning experience for families.

Our story started in January 2017. As parents, we struggled and faced many issues with creating after-school learning opportunities for our kids. Despite our hectic schedules, we do understand the importance of teaching and learning beyond schools. We also want to nurture and encourage our kids to explore new things in life. As a result, we started trying out the traditionally available options for after-school learning and were soon frustrated.

First of all, we found it hard to find good teachers. Although we had some options to enroll in private learning centers and schools, we didn’t have any knowledge or feedback on the teachers themselves. Managing the drop and pick-up for the lessons seemed very inconvenient and a waste of time. We tried to make it less stressful by looking for private teachers to come to our homes, but it turned out to be expensive.

Thus, we started looking at our options and found NONE that were trusted, convenient and valuable. The kids were equally stressed out with all the running around after school. In order to change this situation, we started thinking about Talentnook.

We decided that if the learning can happen in a home setting, we need to be the facilitators. Homes and neighborhood were always the best places for kids to learn along with their friends and families and we needed to bring learning back into our homes. This is when we started building the world’s first neighborhood learning community for kids. A community where parents can connect with each other and with qualified teachers. A community where one can meet and learn with family, friends, and neighbors.

We are still building Talentnook. In the meantime, we thought it will be good for us to get out and meet with you all- the teachers, tutors, instructors and all those people who have a skill and would like to teach kids.

For now, here’s what you can do as a teacher on Talentnook:

  •      Sign up as a Talentmaster
  •      Build your profile that will showcase your talent to prospective students and their parents
  •      Learn more about the values that Talentnook brings to teachers
  •      Be ready to start a Talentnook in January 2018.  

There’s still a lot more to come and we are working hard towards a full launch of our community in January 2018.

We will make a terrific team together! Stay tuned….

Sumit & Rajeev

Co-founders, Talentnook

If you want to know more, write to us here!


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