Come summer and most parents worry about the right summer program for kids. Ask us and we’ll tell you reading is the single most important thing every child should learn. Hence, a summer reading program is a great pick. Summers are a great time to build this necessary skill. After all, there is the much-needed time liberty of the summer break!

summer program for kids

If you are confused about the right summer program for kids, look no further! Talentnook brings to you one of the most special summer programs in town. We offer two programs within the reading summer programs category. First, is the Reading Readiness Program. And, second, is the Elements of Reading Program. Here is a quick overview to help you choose one or a combination:

Reading Readiness Program

We have designed this program specifically for K-1 grade students. As the name suggests, the program aims at getting kids ready and excited to read (organically). We create fun and interactive opportunities for kids’ learning. Our teachers strategize activities to help shape new perspectives that are core to creative reading and writing. So, yes, your child is invited to participate with the reader, bring a favorite pillow, stuffed animal, or dress in costume to get lost in a book. Furthermore, each book is a different genre and each discussion is unique.

We offer 2 courses within the program. Each course is 3 weeks long. You can choose one or both for the best value! What’s more? Get an additional 10% off with our sibling discount offer!

Elements of Reading Program

We strongly believe that good readers become good writers. Furthermore, good writers become good students who achieve good grades. Enrolling in Talentnook’s Elements of Reading Program can be a huge leap for your child. We have designed this program for K-1, 2-3 and 4-5. We make sure that the program starts with building phonemic awareness. It is the key to becoming a good reader with comprehension skills. Our reading program is based on letter-sound recognition and word attack strategies with phonemic awareness and syllable breakdown. We assess a child first for their reading level or proficiency.

The program is then tailored according to their learning needs instead of the grade level alone. The first lessons are “training lessons” which involve sound play and decoding activities. Moreover, our teachers use phonemic awareness games that focus on syllables, identifying first sounds in words, rhyming, blending, segmenting, and identifying last sounds in words.

Program Calendar

Click here to view the full course calendar for Summer ’22. You can request a free assessment for your child here. Also, you are welcome to chat with our advisors should you not find a slot to book.

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