Often, Talentnook sees parents trying to find tutors from different parts of the city – be it for piano lessons or math tutoring. As a parent, we also understand the concern in driving the kids long distance for a class. Time, traffic, and tension can mount and affect the child’s after-school activity. Shuttling between classes, spending those unproductive hours waiting outside, spending a lot of money and still unsure about the quality of teachers and learning, we decided to tackle this problem for once and for all parents. Addressing this issue primarily, Talentnook facilitates neighborhood learning with minimal travel course.

Talentnook is not just a start-up, it is a hub for dreamers to become achievers. It is for teachers who wish to transform the future with by imparting their knowledge to others; it is for parents who want to lay a path for their children to reach big, and most importantly it is for students with a thirst to learn.

How does Talentnook work?

Find a tutor, instructor or a mentor for your children at the click of a button. With the ability to work from home or within your area of residence, we are single-handly working to making learning fun and relaxed.  Join the community and find a tutor in your neighboorhood today, parent!

Home Schooling Author Sumit