Talentnook is world’s first after-school neighborhood learning community for kids.

Founded by a group of parents who witnessed the difficulties of getting the right teachers for their children, we understand the need for user-friendly avenues. Having said that, we are obliged to answer one important question – who can become a part of Talentnook?

Talentnook is set to become the world’s first community of aspiring teachers and young parents whose primary goal is to educate children for a better future. This is not a school-based learning platform, rather we become a hub for cultivating new talent, develop a new skill, learn a new language.

Answering the question – Talentnook is for those

  1. Who are ready to take teaching as a profession
  2. Who are looking to be part-time teachers during weekends
  3. Who are experienced school teachers ready to become masters within their community
  4. Who wish to become their own boss with a flexible work timing
  5. Stay-at-home moms who wish to teach kids from the community
  6. Young adults who are looking to save up for college by teaching the kids from their locality
  7. Independent tutors and instructors who want to earn a name for themselves within the locality

As a start-up, we are currently focusing on San Fransico Bay Area. Find below a list of places where our teacher registrations are thriving. As we keep pace with the growing community, we are positive about expanding to the rest of the continent soon.


Interested in becoming a Talentmaster? Register here today!


  • Team Talentnook