According to recent research, the global private tutoring market will reach USD 177,621 million by 2026. That is an insane amount of money, isn’t it?

Are you wondering why people world-over are investing so much in private tutoring for their children? Well, it’s not that people earning way more than they can spend. It’s simply proof of rising consciousness among parents. Today, every parent wants to ensure access to adequate academic resources for their child. The children too find schools too cramped to cater to their individual learning needs and preferences.

Private tutoring most certainly solves for this. It has been around for centuries, but today, private tutoring has become more relevant and popular than ever. This development is not for no reason. The last century has brought in key lifestyle and priority changes for most families.

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Education is no longer seen as just a career path. It’s now considered the foundation of excellence regardless of the field a child chooses to pursue later. With so much focus on excellence, it’s only intuitive that private tutoring is at its lifecycle high.

Let us look at the top 5 reasons why private tutoring can be the best investment for your child:

1. It increases your child’s chances of success at school

Why Private Tutoring Can Be the Best Investment For Your Child

Private tutoring is sought after for its core advantage – better grades at school! There is no denying that. The only challenge here is to find the right tutor for your child. If you succeed at finding one, there is no chance that your child wouldn’t come back home with better grades.

If you want to make maximum use of your investment in schools, private tuition could be a way to augment that.

Here’s how exactly private tutoring helps with securing better grades:

  • Private tutors bring in regularity and punctuality – no more procrastination of studying a particular subject.
  • A dedicated effort on a subject ensures a better understanding of core concepts and hence helps get better grades.
  • Daily practice helps with building speed while analyzing and solving problems during exams.
  • Private tutors can often help with concepts beyond the textbook and give a lot more examples than teachers at schools. This is largely why a child absorbs a lot more at private tuitions as compared to timebound lectures at schools.

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2. There is a focus on subject expertise and deep dive – promotes higher-order thinking

Why Private Tutoring Can Be the Best Investment For Your Child

A private tutor helps a child understand a concept to their heart’s content. There is no rushing between period bells and no time wasted in administrative work.

Thus, a private tutor can spend more time deep diving into a particular concept with your child. This habit of asking more ‘WHYs’ instills a habit of higher-order thinking. The only way your child can transition from rote learning to solving problems is by thinking deeper and longer.

Private tuitions bring in both the liberty of time and energy that can be dedicated to peeling the layers rather than consuming an onion directly. There have after all never been scientists who spent all their learning years merely plugging numbers into identities!

Childhood has the advantage of intuitive curiosity which can be marred by syllabus burden of schools. Private tuition, on the other hand, can encourage a child to find answers to all their ponderings rather than shoving them off forever.

3. It offers more convenience, individual attention, and personalization

Why Private Tutoring Can Be the Best Investment For Your Child

Almost 90% of the parents would agree that private tutors bring in the benefits of flexibility and one-on-one attention. If you are a parent of a child who seems too lost in the crowds, schools may not be able to do full justice to your ward.

In a class of 20-40 students, it is easy to feel cornered. Most students purse their lips rather than raising their hand in such settings. It’s also unfair to expect a school teacher to give personal attention to each pupil.

Private tutors, on the other hand, bring several small but significant advantages, viz.

  • You get to choose the most convenient studying time for your child.
  • Private tutors are neither teachers nor parents. They can befriend the child and make learning a fun process rather than an arduous task.
  • There is no fear of judgment when the mode of instruction is one-on-one. A child tends to open up more and talks about their subject related problems more clearly.
  • If you don’t like a tutor, you can always switch to another one. You, as the parent, can control dynamically who teaches what subject to your child. A significant advantage over traditional school setting where parents have no say about the choice of teachers.
  • Private tutors are usually flexible in their schedules. You no longer have to force your child to sit through a math class when they want to go to a party instead. You can always swap routines, make slight adjustments without much ado! It keeps your child happy and a happy child is a successful adult!

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4. It helps build better self-confidence and self-esteem

Why Private Tutoring Can Be the Best Investment For Your Child

Private tutoring eliminates the possibility of peer pressure, bullying, and mocking. Your child can ask doubts, raise concerns and give ideas freely in the secure setting of their own home. Even if you choose to send your child to a tutor’s home, the advantages still remain because of the one-on-one setting.

When there is no classmate jibing at a child who asks the same question twice, it’s likely that the child will develop better self-confidence. Deep diving that is made possible by private tutoring, also adds to a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

5. Betters the child’s learning curve – hones the art of learning-how-to-learn

Why Private Tutoring Can Be the Best Investment For Your Child

Private tuitions are not all about learning how to score well. They are also about learning how-to-learn. Effective learning requires patience, deep analysis, and practice. Within a 45 or 60 minute long period at school, there is little room for patience and extensive practice.

Once a child learns that there is more to just class notes, they start learning everything in detail. This habit of musing over the details, the minutiae of concepts is what creates geniuses and subject matter experts!

For example, a timebound math period at school may force students to learn the Pythagoras theorem in two problems. But a private tutor may help develop the habit of practising ten problems per theorem until applying it becomes intuitive.

So this is why we think investing in a private tutor could be the best investment you can make for your child!

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