Imagine the average school classroom. Most everyone draws inspiration from their own learning experiences at school and can conjure an image of a teacher standing in front of a class of 30 students—their faces blurred—surrounded by walls covered with motivational quotes and classroom rules. 

neighborhood learning

The Current School System

Unfortunately, this image relays disturbing information about the state of our school education system. For a class of 30 students, the teacher simply cannot afford to take every individual student’s needs into account when crafting the curriculum.

Teachers must follow a strict set of standards governed by the state and the district. These standards are set to ensure that students meet the educational requirements to graduate at the end of their schooling. Due to these constricting circumstances, they design curriculum with the average student in mind—a nameless, faceless one-size-fits-all caricature. 

In reality, this one-size-fits-all caricature rarely fits anyone perfectly. More often, it does not fit at all. Concerned, responsible parents seek a solution for this through tutoring and after-school learning—an industry that is rapidly growing in the US.

Why Private Tutoring and After-school learning?

To begin with, the above focuses on the individual student’s needs, interests, and skill level. It allows students to explore areas not offered to them or prioritized at school due to budget cuts. Moreover, it provides the struggling student with greater guidance and advanced student with greater challenges.

Not only do these programs offer support to students in reaching their goals but they also facilitate innovative learning environments. Like-minded students can collaborate and confidently approach new challenges. As a result, these programs help the student learn study habits and discipline. They also form skills that are easily transferable to different facets of their lives.

However, parents meet roadblocks when searching for alternative learning that caters to their children’s needs and interests. Some after-school learning programs follow a classroom structure that their child already finds tedious. Others have strict schedules with inconvenient timings. These force parents to leave their workplaces to drop off and wait to pick up their children from a location across town.

These programs can be expensive and conflicting timings can result in a choice being made between lessons. Math tutoring or guitar lessons? Pick one.

The Solution

The Talentnook model ensures that such a choice never needs to be made. Talentnook, like most after-school learning programs, understands that the student is an individual with unique aspirations, interests, and goals. We know that each student learns differently and has differing skill levels. Unlike most after-school learning programs, however, we realize that no parent should have to force a child to choose only one or two areas to explore because of financial or logistical reasons. That’s why we bring all the benefits of after-school learning without any of the hassles. 

Talentnook is an after-school learning service that is dedicated to making learning stressless for parents, students, and teachers. We connect parents of students with the same interests with each other and the relevant Talentmaster. Then, we allow for lessons to happen in the student’s locality.

Parents can choose to host lessons in their own homes. These lessons can be group lessons or private ones depending on the needs and preferences of the student. We know that children have unending curiosity. In no circumstance should this curiosity be curbed. Thus, we offer affordable lessons with flexible schedules that are catered to their needs.

With Talentnook, no parent needs to sacrifice valuable time shuttling their children to and from their various classes. No parent needs to spend expensive amounts of money and still feel uncertain about the quality of the lessons again. Learning should know no bounds. Learning should be easy. Learn these simple truths with Talentnook—let the learning begin!