The sudden switch from the everyday hustle and bustle of life to a lockdown has brought many tedious and unwelcome changes for parents and kids alike. Parents have been juggling working from home and managing their kids with little to no break in between. With schools closed, a lot of parents have already started homeschooling their kids.

However, after a certain time, keeping up with homeschool schedules and monitoring everyday progress in multiple subjects can get cumbersome even for the well-planned out parent.  If you’re a little (or a lot!) tired and burnt-out from homeschooling, you’re not alone.

We get it. The prospect of possibly having to manage your child’s remote learning for the upcoming school year is already increasing your stress levels. So many parents are burnt-out from homeschooling their kids. Some are so desperate that they want to abandon remote learning altogether.

A burnt-out parent can do no good to a child’s growth during this time. While you will be getting a break from remote learning during the summer, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself here again.

So don’t lose hope just yet! Here are 4 tips from teachers, learning specialists, heads of schools to beat the burn-out of homeschooling.

1) Do a daily check-in with yourself and with your child.

According to learning specialists and educators, it is essential to set some time to assess how you’re feeling on a daily basis. The current situation is stressful for everyone involved. This could mean discussing what’s working or not working for you with your partner or friend. It could mean sitting in your backyard for five minutes to enjoy some peace, quiet, and fresh air. Whatever works for you, make sure you spend some time viewing the situation from the outside looking in. Taking a step back from the chaos can really prolong your energy and help you approach things with a new perspective.

Additionally, you should check-in with your child. On certain days, if they’re feeling a little grumpy, don’t try to force them into following a strict schedule of tasks. There is no doubt that your child may also be a little tired of homeschooling and longs for a break. A happier child will be one that will be more willing to learn. By giving them breaks when they need one, you will be preventing future behavioral and learning problems that arise when children are burnt-out on homeschooling.

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2) Determine the essential skills.

Middle school and high school students have been completing assignments and assessments remotely. They have a set curriculum and standards that teachers are ensuring are being adequately met. However, with younger children, extra attention is needed to ensure that they are mastering essential skills by the end of the school year.

Unfortunately, in the current circumstances, parents simply do not have the time or energy to provide the support their child needs to fulfill their learning objectives. To make this more manageable, talk to your child’s teacher about which assignments are most important towards helping your child master essential skills. Then, immerse your child in activities that foster these skills.

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For many students, the task of writing is increasingly difficult to do at home. Ask your child to write about topics that they are familiar with or enjoy. Perhaps they can explain why they like a particular character on a TV show. Maybe they want to describe their dog’s daily life. You don’t need to make them do this in a formal setting with a pen and paper. Give them chalk to write on the asphalt or an Expo marker and a whiteboard. These sorts of activities will encourage them to write!

Tired of Homeschooling? Here's How to Beat the Burn-out

If your child is struggling with science, give them exploratory experiments to do in your garden. Encourage them to ask questions about how things work. If you don’t have an answer, don’t fret! This can be an activity where you both find the answer together.

3) Ask for professional help

Your child’s teachers are in similar situations as you. Many of them are parents themselves. Speaking with your children’s teachers about your concerns will definitely put you at ease. Remember, remote learning in lockdown is unique and stressful for everyone. Every parent in the world is dealing with these same struggles.

Teachers have already started to prepare for their cooped-up students. They’ll be working through the summer to make the transition to the next school year of remote learning is smooth. Plus, teachers miss seeing your kids in their classrooms, too! They do want to continue helping your child develop and grow in whatever way they can in this pandemic.

Give your child’s teacher updates on how your kids are doing and don’t be afraid to ask them for advice. Fostering a strong relationship between your child’s teacher and yourself can make this remote learning journey a lot easier.

4) Get your child pumped up about learning!

What does every successful, happy adult have in common? A love for learning! Really. If you can use this lockdown period to teach your child one thing, teach them to get excited about learning.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not talking about loving schoolwork. (Although, if your child does love schoolwork, you definitely lucked out.) We’re talking about your child’s natural curiosity.

Tired of Homeschooling? Here's How to Beat the Burn-out

Instead of worrying about your child’s online classes, help them cultivate their interests. In turn, you will be setting your child up for success both academically and as an adult. Your children have the most time on their hands now than they ever will. If they love music, sign them up for remote guitar lessons. If they are an artist, let them attempt some painting tutorials. Let them grow plants in your garden and watch their love for science grow.

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