Looking for an online music class for your kids? 

It is scientifically proven that learning music has multiple benefits for children and hence a lot of countries almost mandate it by stressing it during academic pursuits. Neuroscience studies have proved that learning music is great for the brain’s growth and development in kids. It is also great for building coordination and instilling self-discipline. A lot of parents in the United States today lookout for music classes for their kids for the same reasons. 

An Online Music Class Vs. Free Music Tutorials on the Internet – What Should You Choose for Your Child and WHY?

With the current situation due to the pandemic and the general change of inclination, online music classes have become the best bet for many. An online music class might look counter-intuitive in the beginning. We mean of course who would buy that you can learn playing the guitar looking at a screen!

online music class for kids

But hey, look at the number of views on YouTube videos that are all about preliminary lessons in an instrument. It shows that several people are interested in learning music and that they at least try to do it online with a lesson that is rewindable and can be taken at their own pace. This model of free tutorial videos however lacks some critical things when it is compared to an online music class:

  • An online music class is one-on-one and has an instructor clear one’s doubts in real-time. The tutorial videos leave it pretty much to the viewer to decipher what they don’t understand
  • An online music class brings in a dedicated tutor who can reinforce discipline and a schedule. The practice goes for a toss with pre-recorded videos, there’s no one keeping a check on your kids’ progress after all!
  • There is little to no personal connection when it comes to YouTube or other pre-recorded tutorials. Your child will be much more likely to drop off in the absence of a dedicated tutor or classmates who share the same goal. It is as easy as switching to Netflix on another tab when it comes to learning from YouTube videos – especially with respect to learning music.
  • With an online music class comes the benefit of assessment, feedback, and improvement. It is clearly amiss in the free video tutorials, your child is just given a download and it simply ends there. 

How to Choose the Right Online Music Class for Your Kids?

1. Put your child’s convenience and flexibility of schedule at the highest priority

Your child’s convenience should be your first priority while picking an online music class. You must accommodate your child’s specific asks for a certain time, frequency of classes per week, etc. This is important because any discomfort will lead to a quick spell of disinterest and an eventual drop-off from the class. With music, children’s preference is of utmost priority because at the end of the day it is an art that needs learning in a structured manner.

We recommend that you don’t push your child for a certain frequency of class, rather let them share a plan they feel they will be able to stick with. As a rule of thumb, remember that 2 classes every week are always better than 5 a week and the latter doesn’t necessarily mean better or speedy learning. Music is an art that will need a lot of patience and consistency from your child. The only way to ensure both is to let them slot the online music class in their schedule as per their convenience – only!

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2. Choose the mode of learning your child is most comfortable with

A lot of children do better with a group while taking an online music class. There are several who prefer one on one instruction which eliminates the fear of being judged by their peers. Regardless of your child’s organically preferred learning mode, you will find plenty of online music class options for them.

Online Music Lessons for Kids: How to Choose the Right OneAt Talentnook, for example, you can connect with hundreds of tutors specialized in guitar, piano lessons, etc. You can enroll your child in group classes or choose private online tutoring. Each has its own set of pros and cons. The group setting, for example, has more room for peer learning and discipline brought about by a competitive spirit. The one-on-one private online music class on the other hand is great for children who are shy or are extremely new to the world of learning music. 

3. Check for age-appropriateness of the course and the lessons

Next, check for the age appropriateness of the course and the lessons within it. Initially, the goal of the online music lesson should not be for the child to become a great guitarist, for example. Instead, the aim should be to further their understanding of music in general and the rules that govern it. You can start music lessons for your child at an age as early as 3 years. It may not be time for the kid to learn how to play an instrument by around age three. Instead, it may be their time to build on skills like:

  • Recognizing and spotting differences in music beats
  • Familiarizing with musical instruments and identifying their characteristic sounds and tones
  • Identifying patterns in songs, etc.

At the age of five and beyond, most children pick instruments like guitar, piano, and violin. The complex instruments are more suited for children of ages 10 and above. You can consult a music tutor prior to the selection and discuss it all with your child too. 

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4. Have a specific end-goal for your child

Try not to have an open-ended goal for your child.  Having a clear, achievable, time-bound, and measurable goal is always better than having only leisure as the goal. While simply enjoying the process of learning and being able to play an instrument is great, having a goal is even better. This will put a clear view of the process for both your child and the instructor or the tutor.

For example, achieving a certain certification or being able to participate in a certain state-level contest could be a great starting goal. As your child’s interest will further develop, they might even want to pursue a degree in music!

5. Check the tutor’s qualifications and experience 

Lastly, never miss checking a tutor’s qualifications, experience, and general feedback from past students (testimonials on LinkedIn, for example). While trying to pick out the right online music class it is important to assess whether a tutor’s speaking style,  method of instruction, and feedback-giving style match with your child’s learning needs.

The right tutor should be flexible to accommodate your child’s specific needs without demotivating them. They should also be able to adjust the lessons according to your child’s grasping speed. A good way to ensure this is to request demo lessons. At Talentnook, you can simply register, connect with tutors, and request demo lessons – free of cost! Within a few lessons, you and your child would be able to gauge whether the tutor would fit in your expectations and learning style. 

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