Experts often debate: are educational apps good or bad for kids? Turns out, in this digital era if used with discipline and restraint, educational apps are actually beneficial for kids and even make the whole learning process fun and interactive. 

There are thousands of mobile applications available and, luckily for students, many of them are made for educational purposes. While finding the right app for your child is a matter of trial and error, we can certainly point you in the right direction. So, here are five different types of educational apps that can aid you in your studies.

1. Quizlet

5 Best Educational Apps to Supplement your Kid's Learning


Quizlet is an interactive flashcard app that serves as a great learning tool for active recall. According to the Neuroscientist in Training blog, active recall is a study method that involves prompting yourself to remember concepts after being presented with certain questions. This creates a direct link in your mind between the question and the answer, making it easier for you to recall the information on the day of the exam.

Here’s why this flashcard app is ideal for learning:

  • Has traditional flashcards mode and other assessment-based modes
  • Customizable flashcards that you can save and share
  • Access to an online community that shares their own flashcard sets

2. Mathspace

5 Best Educational Apps to Supplement your Kid's Learning


To some students, mathematics can be extremely challenging. Nowadays though, math skills, along with the rest of STEM subjects, can prove crucial once students graduate and enter the workforce. educational institutions are focusing on building STEM-related skills at the grassroots level, given that these are the most in-demand in the professional landscape. Luckily, these days, students have the advantage of using digital applications to prepare for the future as early as now, like Mathspace.

Here’s how Mathspace can aid in your numerical learning:

  • A bank of over 20,000 math problems that cover basic arithmetic, algebra, graphing, probability, statistics, and more
  • A large resource of video explanations to aid in your learning
  • Has a built-in adaptive learning engine that recommends math problems that fit your level
  • Option to write down your answers as if you were writing on paper
  • Rewards-based system to motivate you to learn more

3. Duolingo

5 Best Educational Apps to Supplement your Kid's Learning


You’re probably already familiar with the adorable green owl mascot from Duolingo. This language-learning application is a favorite among many, and it also provides a myriad of benefits to the learner. A feature on Knowable Magazine details these benefits, many of which take root in childhood and continue as the learner reaches adulthood.

One main advantage involves what is known as executive function. This skill allows one to control, direct, and manage their attention, while also planning one’s next course of action. Bilingual people practice this daily as they are constantly aware of what language they need to use at any given time.

Here are some of Duolingo’s most notable features:

  • Has various language-learning games for a fun experience
  • Can tailor-fit activities to your learning style
  • Immediate grading and explanations for your answers
  • Rewards-based system to motivate you to learn more

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4. Khan Academy

5 Best Educational Apps to Supplement your Kid's Learning

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a longstanding educational app that’s been around since 2006. Students from all around the world have been using it to learn about math and science, but it’s all the more useful now in the era of remote learning. In an interview, Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, admits that his educational platform cannot replace in-person classes. However, it still serves as a useful tool to ensure that students don’t atrophy their skills.

Here’s why Khan Academy is such a great educational app:

  • Lessons for all ages
  • A wide variety of subjects including math, science, arts & humanities, and even life skills
  • Offers instructional videos and practice exercises
  • Has a personalized learning dashboard for users
  • 100% free

5. Kahoot!

5 Best Educational Apps to Supplement your Kid's Learning


When exams approach, students often resort to last-minute cramming before the test. Instead, you should plan a study schedule and spread it over a couple of days or weeks to ensure that the information sticks. And to supplement your routine, quiz yourself on the facts you need to remember. Enter Kahoot! The Kahoot! app has hundreds of different quizzes on all sorts of topics, and it also has a feature that allows users to create their own quizzes. It’s the perfect way to review for your exam.

Here are just some of its features:

  • Plenty of ready-made quizzes about any topic under the sun
  • Option to challenge your friends to compete with you
  • Option to participate in live quizzes with thousands of other contestants
  • Simple setup and quiz creation format

Educational apps are all the more valuable in the digital world. The lessons students learn from them are not limited to the subjects at hand either. They might even learn critical digital skills that can set them up for success later.

Guest Post by Carolyn Lewis