Have you been thinking about hiring a private tutor for your child?

If you are a parent to a toddler or a teen, we are sure this thought has crossed your mind. In fact, you are here because you are still weighing the pros and cons of hiring a tutor. 

Let’s take a moment and revisit all the popular doubts and apprehensions first:

A lot of parents believe that hiring a private tutor may render their wards’ active learning skills weaker in the longer run. Many others reel under a false impression that private tutoring burns a hole in the pocket! Such myths are what you must stay aware of for a lot of parents not only believe them but also propagate them.

And, now let us bust the myths! 

  • Private tutoring is not a crutch, it is like a push that makes your child learn to faster
  • When you hire a private tutor you don’t make your child dependent on them, you only accelerate their learning manifold
  • No, not every tutor will charge you exorbitantly. Some websites offer affordable tutoring services where you can explore through several tutor profiles before shortlisting them based on your personal criteria like – qualifications, budget, frequency of sessions, etc.
  • Hiring a tutor doesn’t make your child habituated to always seeking external help apart from school. It only fills in the gaps which a regular school class might leave. Your child will not seek a tutor in English just because they have one for Math! It is one big myth
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Believe it or not, parents who choose to hire a private tutor are enhancing their child’s ability to learn efficiently. More and more parents are seeking ways to make their child’s taxing commitments less stressful. Not only do students receive extra help academically, but they also gain confidence in their own mastery!

If you are a parent who is still deciding on whether or not you should hire a private tutor for your child, here are seven reasons to hire a private tutor for your child.

1. A personalized learning experience for your child

Every child’s learning needs are different and so are their grasping skills and retention. With an average American classroom having approximately 25+ students – all with different learning needs and capabilities, personalized attention to weaknesses don’t happen. A private tutor, on the other hand, brings in the benefit of learning at one’s own pace and often from the comfort of one’s home.

Additionally, the familiar milieu of the child’s home and convenient timings boost their learning and grasping skills manifold. A private tutor doesn’t shell out a preset timetable but instead curates one along with your child. Your child is no longer an instruction and notes taker (unlike at school), with a private tutor, your child co-creates their learning experience and feels much more involved in the process.

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2. More attention to mastering the basics

Evidently, most students who struggle in their advanced schoolwork are students who merely did not fully grasp the basics in earlier years. Hiring a private tutor ensures that your child will not be one of those students. 

By having a good tutor help your child master the basics of difficult subjects, your child will have an easier time following along in class. In the long run, your child will be able to understand more advanced material because their basics are strong. And as an added bonus, their grades will improve with time.

 3. Efficient learning: learn more in lesser time

Every child has a unique learning style. Some children are visual learners while others are auditory learners or hands-on learners. Nowadays, in larger classrooms, teachers try to create lessons that cover all learning types to make sure that no child is left behind. However, a one size fits all approach may not work for all students.

Learning in a manner that is not your learning type leads to difficulty in comprehending study materials. Finding a private tutor who has experience working with children with the same learning type as your child can make learning more effective.

Find out your child’s learning type here.

4. A private tutor brings in the discipline: The key to long term success

Hiring a private tutor is one sure shot way to instill a sense of discipline and routine in your child. For long-term success, sustained effort and revision are critical while studying a subject or learning an art. Irregular learning can lead to erratic periods of extreme interest and boredom which leads a child nowhere in the longer run.

With a private tutor, your child will get into a habit of spending ‘X minutes every day or every two days on a subject without fail. This not only usually spurs more interest and confidence in the subject (or art) but also makes children disciplines about other walks of life. For example, health and fitness routine is usually seen in children who are disciplined in general).

5. Your child will develop a passion for learning

Unfortunately, when children start to struggle with a subject at school, they begin to think that they are not intelligent or that learning is not for them. Their confidence in their ability to learn, work hard, and achieve their academic (and other) goals starts to lower. As children can be defensive, they may not want to ask for help and may merely resign themselves to their imagined fate.

It is important, as parents, to prevent this from happening to your child. Before your child becomes too disheartened at the idea of school and learning, reinforce positive aspects of learning by hiring a private tutor. Seeing themselves improve and achieve their academic goals will help them love learning and increase their self-confidence. It will show them that hard work and perseverance as well as asking for additional help when they need it can ensure their success. These life lessons will stay with them for years to come.

6. Your Child Can Be Honest about his/her weaknesses

Some children are too shy to ask questions in class. Although they may need clarification, they might be apprehensive to ask their teacher about their doubts in front of their peers. As we were all and/or are students at one point, we know how nerve-wracking asking what could be a “dumb” question in class. No question is a “dumb” question but students often have a hard time believing that.

If you hire a private tutor, your child can be honest about where they are struggling and would like more attention. Moreover, a private tutor can help your child feel comfortable around a difficult subject and boost your child’s self-esteem.

  1. Increased aptitude for other co-curricular activities

Having a private tutor also helps in making your child an all-rounder. Don’t believe us? Consider the following:

  • With a specialized private tutor’s help, a child can even explore professional training in areas like music and art (if your child loves math and piano – consider hiring more than one tutor!)
  • A private tutor brings in a system of studying or learning an art, it largely helps with utilizing time better. If your child spent many hours struggling on their own with an English essay, now with daily practice they can devote just 90 minutes daily and use the rest of the time to pursue other passions
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6. Your Child’s after-school learning becomes convenient and affordable

One of the best aspects of hiring a private tutor is how convenient providing your child with a quality education can be. You can call the shots and have your private tutor teach your child beyond the current confines of their classroom. A private school can be expensive and private tutoring is a relatively cheaper alternative. Your child can learn at a time and place when it is convenient for both. The sessions can be flexible in terms of timing.

Furthermore, your child can pursue educational routes that are not traditionally available to them at school. They can go above and beyond their current curriculum with less time or effort from your side. Going to work and teaching your child is difficult. Hiring a private tutor will ensure that your child is receiving the education they deserve and not at the expense of your schedule.

Knowing the above benefits, you’re now wondering: How can I hire a private tutor?

Searching up “tutor” in your preferred search engine gives you an overwhelming amount of results. However, the answer to that question is simple. Check out after-school learning and tutoring programs, like Talentnook, to find reputable, flexible, and all-around amazing private tutors for all your learning needs.

Hiring a private tutor could change your child’s education. Tell us below whether you chose to hire a private tutor and how it worked out for you!

Happy learning 🙂

Home Schooling Author Pragya