AP Exams 2021 are the talk of the town and rightly so! These exams are, after all, taken by close to 3 Mn students in 38 different subjects, each year.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the exams will be held over three different sessions between May and June 2021. We’ll take you through all the details and some quick pointers on how to ace the AP Exams 2021, but before that, let’s recap what AP courses are all about.

What are AP Courses and AP Exams? 

AP courses are created to give students an experience of an intro-level college class while they’re in high school. Students can get college credit for the class if they pass the AP exam for a particular AP course. In a nutshell, AP courses help in bridging the gap between high school and college. 

AP Exams or Advanced Placement Exams are conducted by the College Board which defines them as, ‘ standardized exams designed to measure how well you’ve mastered the content and skills of a specific AP course.’ 

AP Exams 2021 – 5 Big Changes Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

1. Dispersed testing based on schools

This year, instead of a national exam schedule, the AP exams 2021 will be held across 3 administrations between early May and mid-June. All schools will work with the College Board to decide the administration dates for AP Exams 2021 at their end. This will help the schools in taking care of local Covid-19 guidelines and the students’ convenience at large. Please note that the choice of dates still rests with the schools and not with individual students.

(Please note: there is the fourth administration as well which has been introduced recently. Read more details in point no. 3)

2. Choice of formats

Along with the standard paper-and-pencil format, this year students will also be able to take AP Exams 2021 digitally. 

  • In Administration 1, all exams are paper and pencil*, administered in school
  • While, in Administration 2, half of the subjects are paper and pencil, administered in school, and half are digital, administered in school or taken at home
  • In Administration 3 and 4, most subjects are digital, administered in school, or taken at home

3. More flexibility and extensions in dates

Another new update has been received from the College Board on AP Exams 2021. Another testing window—Administration 4, will be available in June for students who were scheduled to test during Administration 3 and require a makeup digital exam, or for students who were unable to test during Administration 3 due to a conflict. 

4. No cancellation fee

This year since students have been faced with multiple challenges, the College Board has decided to waive off the cancellation fee. Students can cancel their scheduled AP exams anytime without having to pay a penalty, unlike in previous years.

5. The choice of taking AP Exams 2021 at home

This year students will be able to choose to take AP Exams 2021 at home, specifically in administration 3 where most subjects will be digital. 

AP Exams 2021 Format

AP Exams 2021 will be offered in different formats – paper-and-pencil and digital. The exams will be full length and will NOT be shortened. The choice between taking exams on paper and a digital device depends on the subject as well. For example, French, Latin, German, Italian, Spanish Language and Culture, Music Theory, and Spanish Literature and Culture AP exams 2021 will have no digital testing options. 

You can find more details on the exam format and structure here.

AP Exams 2021 Schedule & Testing Dates

The AP exam 2021 schedule is divided into 4 administrations:

    • AP Administration 1: May 3, 2021 – May 7, 2021. This exam administration will be conducted in school and in paper and pencil format. The only exception will be of Japanese Language and Culture exam which will be conducted digitally. Find the AP exam schedule here
    • AP Administration 2: May 18, 2021 – May 28, 2021. This administration will be a mix of both formats. The exact schedule can be found here
    • AP Administration 3: June 1, 2021 – June 11, 2021. This administration will be a mix of both formats. The exact schedule can be found here
    • AP Administration 4: June 21, 2021 – June 30, 2021: This administration is available in June only for students who need to take a makeup digital exam. Find more details about the eligibility and schedule here

The struggle with AP Exams 2021 is REAL!

2020 started with posters and social media posts saying the year was all about survival! Now imagine, having to study online all of a sudden and still do well in the AP Exams 2021!

AP Exams 2021: Key Changes, Prep Strategy and More!

We acknowledge the pressures students have been facing on multiple fronts. Whether the advantages of AP exams in the face of a pandemic outweigh the disadvantages of putting students through the grilling is an open debate. But there are some ways in which you can ace AP exams regardless. Read on to know more. 

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The Top 3 Tips to Prepare Well for AP Exams 2021

We will not go into lengthy details but instead, give you a quick checklist. Do the following 3 things to ensure your preparation is as solid as it can be for AP Exams 2021:

  • Utilize the power of routine: While at home all year, you might have fallen into the trap of too-flexible routines. Get out of that comfort zone and chart out a daily study schedule for yourself. Become self-disciplined and reinforce it by using sticky notes, phone reminders, whiteboards, etc. – basically whatever it takes for you to create a plan and to stick to it. Keep your plan realistic and achievable to avoid burning out soon.
  • Dig up all revision resources: Flashcards, online quizzes, and YouTube videos can be extremely helpful. Dig up videos that can supplement your learning without making it boring. Explore a combination of books and online resources. The Princeton Review and Barron’s generally make reliable review books for AP tests.
  • Practice and score yourself: Get into the exam feeling by taking self-administered tests. The College Board releases previous years’ test materials every year. Utilize it to practice real questions that appeared on AP Exams. There are many websites that offer a certain number of free sample questions. Practice until you exhaust the questions on the first 10 such links you find on Google. Start now!

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Can a Private AP Exam Tutor Help?

Apart from all of the above strategies, it’s important to recognize your weak areas and to act on them. You must ask for help whenever you feel the need.

AP Exams 2021: Key Changes, Prep Strategy and More!

Remember it is never too late to hire a private tutor for AP Exams who can help in multiple ways:

  • Private AP Exam tutors are mostly the ones who have taken these exams themselves and understand your specific learning needs
  • AP Exams are different from regular exams and score 5s in your AP Exams 2021 might become way easier with personalized coaching by a trained tutor
  • An AP tutor of your choice can bring in routine and the power of motivation when you need it the most
  • A tutor can help you take practice exams in a much more productive way by giving you pointed, constructive feedback
  • Lastly, a tutor can help you hugely in breaking down complex-looking problems which are sometimes difficult to visualize with standard approaches learned at school

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With AP exams 2021 round the corner, this is your last bet! Hire a private AP tutor to get a headstart in your journey of acing these exams. Request for demo lessons, go through the qualifications, and speak to them about your expectations openly! Visit Talentnook and get ahead in your learning curve for AP Exams 2021. It is never too late to ask for help, especially when it could be so impactful in your academic pursuits!

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