Second semester high school seniors! You did it! 4 long years of consecutive hard work has finally come to an end (temporarily that is). The last home stretch of scrambling and stressing out to get your college applications submitted has also been completed. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back and reflect on all the wonderful and smart accomplishments you have been able to achieve! You deserve it. Now that you have a little bit of extra time, why don’t you consider tutoring and spreading education to others? Lucky for you, Talentnook is the perfect platform for you to start building a base!

Share your knowledge!

As you are finally completing high school, you have taken a various amount of different classes and have gained so much knowledge from them. Why not share it with others? Students are often encouraged to reach out for help from tutors if they are having any difficulties in school or even just need some extra practice. One benefit as a high school tutor rather than an adult teacher tutor is that you often have the skills to relate to students because you are a student yourself! Vice versa, students are most likely to engage and connect with you as well for this reason. You can also teach subjects apart from academics, such as piano, dancing, etc. Check out our blog on the benefits of being a tutor.

So what is Talentnook?

As a tutor with Talentnook, you can post your own flexible class timings, the location at which you prefer to have your lessons, and suggest your own pay rates FOR FREE. In return, we will help you manage communications between you and parents, organize your scheduling, and handle your payments. One of our main goals is to eliminate the unnecessary time and energy that parents spend to travel as they take their kids for classes, so at-home classes are a perfect match!

We understand that having to juggle being a student and part-time tutor can be hard at times, it is important to remember to prioritize and manage your time wisely. Check out our blog for some advice on how to balance both.

We here at Talentnook can’t wait to welcome you on board with us! Sign up with us here!

Home Schooling Author Prerna