Talentnook is proud to be the frontrunner in the after-school learning facilitation in the Bay Area!

We came into existence after several failed prolonged search for good quality teachers within our community. It became increasingly difficult to find tutors for our children who were spending most of their time after school playing video games or roaming around with gadgets. As a result, a group of parents got together to create this platform Talentnook. It was not just to put an end to this Google search routine, it was with the thought to create an online forum of parents and teachers who were united through one single cause – education.

Over the past months, we have seen our small community grow and reach exponentially. From getting new teacher registrations to gaining the trust of parents, Talentnook has proven us that the path is bright. Our platform has reached the corners of the Bay Area and we currently cater to the following localities.


Catering to a myriad of subjects and classes from Bollywood dance, Math, English, and many more, our website is a hub for parents and students seeking better ways to improve their quality of education. And being a two-way street, we also ensure our teachers have enough opportunity to position themselves based on the region they are from. With a quick registration process and an easy navigation system, Talentnook is user-friendly and efficient.

As we step into the next phase of our endeavor, we have set up a booth at the local fair on September 8th. To know more about our booth, check out our blog.

Author Sumit