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Whether you’re in school, college, or a working adult, we all experience some sort of stress in our lives. It is important to take care of yourself and learn about healthy methods to help you de-stress! Here are some productive ways to let go of stress:


Although it may seem like getting the average 8 hours of sleep is nearly impossible, try to reach that. When sleeping, our bodies and brains are able to get rest as well and gear up for the next day. Good quality sleep is positively correlated to productivity, better short term and long term memory, and a positive attitude!


Don’t skip meals. Eating healthy has been proven to reduce your risk of chronic illness, work efficiently, maintain your weight, and promote your overall physical and mental health.


Learn some breathing exercises, do yoga, or meditate. Anxiety in addition to stress is a growing problem of our current generation and carving out some time out of your day to practice these simple methods can be extremely beneficial for your mind, body, and soul.

Reward yourself for all your hard work.

This will motivate you to push through your hurdles when you know you will be rewarded after accomplishing your goals.

Make some time to do nothing.

We often get so consumed in all the materialistic things in the world that we forget that we are just human! Taking a walk by yourself or just listening to your favorite song in bed can be relaxing!

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