Entering high school can be a scary transition and often, one can feel like they are lost or not doing enough. It is common to think to yourself “Am I doing the right things?” Here are some tips to help you make sure that you make the most out of your time in high school!

Do not procrastinate.

Although it is bound to happen sometimes, it’s always best to manage your responsibilities and plan things out ahead of time so that you can spend your time wisely. Stay organized by keeping a planner or calendar to keep up with assignments and events. Set realistic goals and deadlines for yourself and try your best to meet them.

Join clubs/organizations/activities that interest you and try to take on active roles.

Participate in things that will better prepare you for your career field or do something for fun. Taking active roles in such things shows commitment, dedication, and leadership. Following your passions/talents can also be a great stress reliever!

Maintain a balance.

For your own mental health, maintain a balance between all your responsibilities and activities. This will ensure that you have enough hours in a day to fit everything you want to accomplish.  Find time to incorporate your study time and free time.

Be active and participate in your classes.

Not only will this put a good impression on your teacher and peers, but it will also help you engage in the material being learnt and eventually help you academically in the long run. Subconsciously, it will also encourage you to be involved and learn more.

Try new things and explore your options.

For most people, high school is a time where most people don’t know what they want to do. Seek new things to try out. If you have a certain passion, follow it and keep it active in your life. Don’t limit yourself!

Home Schooling Author Prerna