Looking for a summer program for your kids? There is nothing better than teaching them writing and comprehension skills. At Talentnook, we believe in teaching the basics of good writing to help children achieve mastery. Hence, with a structured approach, they eventually master the skill. Talentnook Writing Academy brings to you the best summer program in town!

Course Structure

The curriculum is divided into three parts. We do this for all age groups 2-3yrs, 4-5yrs, 6-7yrs, and 8-9yrs. Furthermore, the course is structured differently for each age group.

  1. Analysis of text: we believe that good readers make good writers. Hence, we have kept this as the first section of the program. Qualified teachers teach students how to critically analyze and reflect on what they read. They teach them how to distinguish their own point of view from that of the narrator.
  2. Speaking & Listening Skills: Next, teachers facilitate collaborative conversations on grade-level topics and texts. They meticulously teach each student how to listen and comprehend what they hear.
  3. Writing practice: This comes in once the kids are through the basics of reading and comprehension. Teachers work with them to teach the use of language, grammar, and vocabulary. All of these help in writing effortlessly while focussing on the main idea. Furthermore, for younger kids teachers keep a special focus on spelling and punctuation.  Lastly, the curriculum is different for each age group. For example, kids in the 4th grade are taught to distinguish the literal and non-literal meanings of words and phrases in context. On the other hand, kids in lower grades are taught new words and their usage.

All of this is followed by formative assessments and timely feedback. We work with your kids to empower them to become better writers. The process happens over time and is not rushed at any point.

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Summer Program Calendar

We will start our batches for Summer ’22 in June. It’s a great time to book a slot in advance! Click here to see the complete class schedule for all grades.

How to Register for the Summer Program

Click here to check out available slots, tutor details, and tuition fees. If you’re unable to book a slot, feel free to speak to our program advisor. Please also review our policies carefully to ensure the smooth operation of our English programs for your child’s benefit. So, don’t think so much! Choose Talentnook’s summer program for your child’s holistic learning and development this summer!

Happy learning and happy summer holidays from Talentnook!

Home Schooling Author Pragya