Writing skills are one of the most important skills your child can learn. Most parents know this but can do very little to help their children effectively.  A lot of children in the United States today lack the necessary writing skills. They struggle with it at multiple levels. NAEP or National Report Card is a famous ongoing assessment tool for all such things. The NAEP revealed that only about 27% of students had writing skills at a proficiency level from grades 4-12. This includes children from both public and private schools.

What makes for good writing skills?

Wondering why is writing so difficult for our children of today’s day and age? This is because writing is not a solo skill. Children must excel at a combination of skills to excel at writing. These are:

  • Reading comprehension skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar knowledge
  • Creative and formal writing skills

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Unless a child is thorough in all of the above, they will struggle with writing. “A good reader makes for a good writer!” This is the thumb rule for building writing skills in children. In fact, good writers read everything from non-fiction to news articles and fiction. However, it is easier said than implemented, we know! Parents often struggle to devote time dedicatedly to their children to hone just their writing skills. This is when expert help can come in really handy. An expert also brings in unmatched experience and subject matter expertise. Hence, finding the right expert is really the differentiator.

Your One-Stop Solution? Talentnook Writing Academy it is!

Good writing allows us to establish ourselves as individuals. It is the key to being able to express after all! Writing skills play a part in academic success, professional lives, and personal relationships. Already pumped to find your child the right help at the opportune time (which is NOW)?

But, wait, don’t bother Googling tens and thousands of self-proclaimed ‘writing experts’. At Talentnook, we’ve got you covered with a dedicated program on writing skills for children of all ages. We work with a simple approach. First, we assess a child for their current proficiency level in writing. Next, we tailor a course just for them to help them learn in the best way possible. In fact, Talentnook Writing Academy was created with a simple philosophy.

‘A 360-degree holistic approach to writing’. 


At Talentnook Writing Academy, we have only qualified and experienced ELA experts. They will teach your child & monitor their progress – every step of the way. We have a rather low student-teacher ratio. In each batch, we ensure there are only 4 to 6 students. This way, we ensure your child gets uninterrupted attention and guidance from teachers.

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Program structure

Within the Talentnook Writing Academy, we have several courses. Moreover, each course is designed differently for students of different ages. We always assert that in order to upgrade writing skills, children need a strong grasp of – reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, vocabulary & sentence structure. Consequently, our curriculum at the Writing Academy covers all of it & more.

We teach children how to understand and interpret correctly what they read.  Our teachers start with building the reading skill first in the English Writing Classes. They take building vocabulary and grammar skills as the next goal for the students. Moreover, the teachers take utmost care to customize their instruction according to the child’s needs.

writing skills

Children are first taught how to decipher. After that, they learn to read small words into larger and more complex words. Each level is ten (10) weeks long twice a week. We have designed the entire program for a span of a total of fifty (50) weeks. And so, this includes roughly one hundred (100) sessions. If you’d like to see the class timings and dates, please have a quick look at the calendar.

What makes us different?

We assess the reading level the student is at, and, not their grade level. Each student progresses through the grade level until there is mastery. Also, the teachers do this with a strategy based on manipulatives and reinforcement.

Our expert ELA teachers start with building the basics like phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness refers to the specific ability to focus on and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken words. Thus, teachers work with each student individually to ensure their progress. Every child has a different learning curve and we understand and value that like no one else!

Lastly, we help all students, including those with special needs and non-native English learners.

Assessments & Progress Reports for Parents

We understand that seeing your child improve is the quest you’ve come to this page for. Your child’s progress is a partnership where it is viewed through:

  • homework,
  • online class exercises, and,
  • teacher comments.

We will assess them at regular intervals and share reports with you at the end of each level. In fact, we will continuously assess your child during each class with homework and practice sessions. Also, we have designed formative assessments and comprehensive progress-tracking mechanisms.  Furthermore, we encourage you to discuss the improvement areas with our experts.

How can your child start learning with our experts?

You can start by taking a FREE assessment to test your child’s weak and strong areas in writing and comprehension. This assessment will get reviewed by our ELA expert teachers. After this, we’ll share the results with you, after which you can enroll in a suitable course.

Request a free assessment for your child by registering here.

Alternatively, if you want to skip the FREE Assessment and enroll directly. Just head over to the Courses section. Here, you can pick a course for your child and click on ‘Enroll Now’.

Check out the class calendar for details on the schedule for Spring & Summer ’22.

Join our comprehensive online reading & writing program for grades K-11. Hone your child’s communication skills for a brighter future by getting them the right help. Have more questions? Call Us at (925) 232-1911‬ anytime for a counseling session. Furthermore, you can also register here to join our virtual open house!

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