Expand Your Reach Through Talentnook!

At Talentnook, your tutoring experience is valued and given due importance. You get to keep your existing students while also gaining more students through our rapidly growing platform.

Why Choose Talentnook?

low price

Lower Service Fees

Unlike other tutoring platforms, we believe that the fruit of your labor should be yours. We’ll only take a small service fee for giving you a platform.


Neighborhood Learning

We will connect interested students in your vicinity with you, making getting hired and commuting to lessons convenient and easy.

Student Transition

Easy Student Transition

If you are already tutoring, you can easily bring your students with you (for free!) when you start tutoring with Talentnook.

Student Transition

Choose Who To Teach

We firmly believe our Talentmasters should have complete autonomy when it comes to choosing who they teach.

We Have Your Back

Making presentation

We understand that you choose to tutor because of your passion and desire to teach students essential subjects and skills. Unlike other tutoring platforms, we believe in ensuring that the tutoring process is convenient and worthwhile for students and tutors. As a Talentmaster, you will have control over lesson timings and locations. You can decide how many lessons you want to teach, how you want to design the curriculum, and how much money you want to charge for your services. 

To make the process easier for you, you can now sign up for free with 0% service fee on your first 5 sessions!

How It Works

Introduce Yourself

List the subjects you plan to offer lessons in


Set your rates and availability. Manage your own schedule.


Watch your students grow and improve while you earn additional income.

Join Our Growing Community

Manager by workplace

As a Talentmaster, I am earning more money per lesson. I’m gaining students who would have never found out about my tutoring services without Talentnook’s help. This platform gives me the power of choice and I am so glad I switched!

Lauren is a professional tutor who was unhappy with her prior tutoring platform. She now tutors the way she wants to and who she wants to.

About Talentnook

What is Talentnook?

Talentnook is an after-school learning service that is dedicated to making learning stressless for parents, students and teachers. We connect parents of students with the same interests with each other and the relevant Talentmaster, who helps each student embark on a new learning journey.

Who is a Talentmaster?

A person with a passion to teach or coach to share in their knowledge. They might even be you!

How to become a Talentmaster

Ready To Earn?