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Talentnook Programs

Focused and Tech-enabled learning programs to prepare you for success

Current Programs
Talentnook Writing Academy
Improve your child’s writing skills
LIVE Classes
An online, interactive program for students in grades 2-9 to build strong writing and reading comprehension skills. For success in academics and beyond.
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SAT Prep Program
Ace the SAT 1500+
score guaranteed.
12 Weeks
Free 7-day trial
A unique fusion of bootcamp learning and private one-on-one tutoring, we’ve designed the 12 week SAT Prep program to help you self-study the SAT and achieve your dream score.
Past programs
English Language Arts
Excel in English
Reading and Writing
A comprehensive program designed specifically for 1st through 9th graders to excel and reach new heights in the school and beyond
Past programs
Crafted by real tutors
Our programs are created by experienced tutors and subject experts through a combination of curriculum, assessment, practice, and tutoring.
Powered by next-generation tech
Coupled with cutting-edge tech, our programs are designed to make learning intuitive and memorable for you.
Learning 24x7
Learn anytime and anywhere with training resources and video tutorials available on-demand across devices round the clock.
Put a dent in the universe by gaining the perfect launch to your learning dreams
Your Goal
Giving you the boost to achieve your learning goals faster than ever.
Our Flight path
Well calibrated program schedules and personalized learning to accelerate you on the right trajectory.
Help Center
One platform to monitor progress and stay up to date with learning trends.
Houston is always happy to help!
Measurable results achieved.
Simple, Intuitive and actionable.
Success stories of our past program takers
The instructions to learn were super easy and the class content was very good, all students were actively participating.
This was the best 1.5 hours spend by my daughter.
Dublin, CA
The Program greatly benefited my son and we can see real improvements.
My son actually looks forward to going to every class,
and his ELA grades have improved significantly.
San Ramon
The teaching method followed in the programs is
extremely engaging and motivating
My daughter just loves it.
Well done!
Dublin, CA