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Frequently Asked Questions

About Talentnook

Talentnook is a platform where you can find all the help and learning resources you need to guide your child towards success. We are here to be the personal guide for every learner, providing them with resources like tutors, programs, advice, consultation - helping them every step of the way to advance in their learning journey. As your personal guide, we provide you with personalized guidance in matters related to your kid’s learning needs. Our expert customer experience team will patiently understand all your concerns, and guide you towards the best solution - be it finding you the right teacher who fits your child’s needs and personality or finding a focused program/workshop that will benefit your child immensely.

With Talentnook, you get personalized guidance to all your learning requirements. Whatever is on your mind for your child’s learning - we’re here to listen and help you out. When you join Talentnook, we connect you with a large network of handpicked, vetted tutors who are experts in various subjects from Math, Science, English, Coding, Writing to Spanish, Music, Dance, and Art. We also have specialized advanced programs for students with a specific learning requirement like Elite Math, Writing Academy and StudyPod.

Finding a private tutor in Talentnook for your child is easier than you think. Just follow these steps -

  • Visit the Talentnook website.
  • Search for the subject/talent you need a tutor for
  • Send a message to the tutor
  • Have a conversation, then book your lesson with the tutor

Sounds like a lot of work? Skip all that and simply reach out to us directly at info@talentnook.com or go to Contact us page. Let’s say you’re looking for an English tutor for your 5th grader. Write something like “I need an English tutor for my 5th grader” and we’ll find the perfect private tutor for you!

Talentnook is committed to help your child excel and explore their full learning potential. We work with you (the parent) and your child to first assess their learning needs and gaps. Our team then goes on to suggest the best and most suitable learning solutions that will help your child improve in academics and beyond. We are not just dedicated to find you the right tutors and help. But we go a step further to provide after-lesson support to ensure your child is making progress and finding the lessons effective.

Payment in Talentnook is simple and hassle-free. We follow a pay-as-you-go approach when it comes to online and offline lessons. This means, you only pay once the lesson is over. The One of the best things about taking a lesson with Talentnook is - you don’t need to enter your payment info for a FREE Trial lesson. When you join Talentnook, we ask you to enter your payment details in our system. This helps in two ways. Second, in the near future, you no longer need to worry about paying for your lessons on time, as we take care of it. Payment takes place through Stripe. Enter your info through the website and your card is charged after every payment.

Do I have to enter my card/payment info for a trial lesson?

- No payment info is needed for the first class or FREE trial lesson.

If you want to ask a question or have a concern, you can always leave a message in our live chat box or fill out the Contact us form with your message and contact details. Someone from our Customer support team will send you a text message or give you a call at the earliest. For queries that are more urgent, send us a mail at info@talentnook.com and we’ll get back to you in the shortest time possible.

Finding a Tutor

Need a tutor ASAP? We’ve got you covered. While sending a message to the Talentmaster of your choice, simply mention that ‘It’s urgent’. We will contact you ASAP and get you the right tutor for your child.

You can find a tutor by searching, or requesting a free trial lesson. Talentnook will list the tutors who best fit your personal learning goals.

Follow these quick steps to search for a private tutor online:

  1. On the Talentnook search bar, enter the subject you want to learn, and click Search.
  2. Find a tutor who meets your needs. You can message tutors from their profiles.
  3. To message a tutor, click the link and enter your first name, last name, and email address.
  4. That’s it. Your tutor will contact you in the earliest.

When you're searching for the perfect online tutor, you can filter your tutor search with a variety of options, including Subject, Grade Level, Hourly Rate, and Availability. For this, simply apply the filters on the left side of your search results page.

While searching for tutors, if you think you’ve found a tutor of your choice, simply click on the ‘Send a message’ option. A contact form opens up where you can share your message and contact details. Once you fill it up, your tutor will send you an email and you can book a lesson with them.

Rest assured that won’t happen. We respect your time and privacy. Hence, we don’t allow other tutors to crowd your inbox and interrupt you with emails and messages. You will only receive messages from tutors whom you’ve already reached out to.

You'll have a chance to customize your search and add a personal message that best describes your needs. Also, if you have a specific tutor in mind, then you can just type it in our chatbot or reach out to us at info@talentnook.com and we will find you your ideal tutor.

In-person or Online Lessons

Definitely. Your tutor can help you prepare for the exam and get amazing scores! However, no tutor on Talentnook is allowed to give the exam for you or engage in any such malpractices, which may lead to them facing dire consequences.

If you want to schedule an online lesson with your tutor, it’s easy and simple. While selecting your tutor, you get an option to opt for online or in-person lessons. Click on the online option and voila! Now, whoever you select as a tutor will go about

Yes, surely! Many tutors in our network provide both private and group lessons. So while doing your tutor search, be sure to find out which tutors are providing group lessons while going through their tutor profile. Currently all lessons - private or group - are happening online. Whatever you prefer, do communicate with the tutor on your group lesson needs.

Absolutely! You can work with as many tutors as you like. It depends on the capacity and learning requirements of the student.

Yes, we do provide specialized tutoring help for homeschoolers and homeschooled students. Homeschooling parents are welcome to contact or write to us at info@talentnook.com and we’ll connect them to the right tutors.

In order to find a tutor of your choice in Talentnook, visit the Talentnook Tutors page. Enter or choose from the subject you want help in, set your location and other filters, and there you go. You will be shown a list of suitable tutors that match your needs. Now, review and select which tutor you think would be best for the student. If you already have a specific tutor’s name in mind, you can search for them in the Search bar at the top of the Results page for their tutor profile to show up.

In Talentnook, all communication happens via email or through your Parent dashboard. So you or your tutor can continue your communication in the common email thread. Or, once you’ve sent a message to the tutor, you can connect with them on your lesson dashboard. This way, whenever you want to schedule a lesson, just send your tutor an email or contact them via your dashboard and wait for their reply. However, you will also receive email reminders from us before any lesson is scheduled.

It is not a common practice for tutors to change their rates frequently. But a tutor might decide to alter their rates. However, we are always aware when that happens. In these situations, we ensure that the change is not sudden and is informed to you as a parent, well before time. No surprises.

If you decide to cancel or reschedule a session with your tutor, it’s advised to inform the tutor 24 hours before the session is due to begin. You can convey your message in the same email thread you use to communicate with your tutor or message them via your Message dashboard on the parent account. It would be helpful if you could explain your reason for cancellation or reschedule. If you are rescheduling, please suggest an alternate time the session could be shifted to.

After every lesson (except a free trial lesson), your card will be charged automatically. What’s important to know here is that the charges happen only after the session is over and there are no advance payments

If you want to leave a review or testimonial for your tutor, click on the ‘Feedback Form’ on your Parent dashboard. Write your feedback on your tutor and talk about your lesson experience. In addition, if you’ve had a negative experience, you can write to our Customer Experience at info@talentnook.com and someone will look into it.

Parent Account

Setting up an account in Talentnook is free and easy! Just visit our homepage and click on the ‘Join Us’ button. From there on, we will guide you through the next steps.

Yes, of course. You can always sign in to your Talentnook Parent account from either Facebook or Google. You can also opt for signing up with your email address.

We verify your address, keeping safety in mind. We want to ensure that every member of our Talentnook community is authentic and has a verified address. This way, it helps us protect your safety. Furthermore, when you pick an existing lesson for your kid, you can rest assured that the host (parent or Talentmaster) is verified to be a resident of their address.

Not at all. Joining and registering with Talentnook is completely free.

If you want to add your children and their information to your parent account, simply click on the ‘Add a student’ button on your parent account and enter your child’s information. If you have 2 or more children, you can enter their information to your parent account.

Once you've created your Parent account in Talentnook with the necessary password, you can give access to any member in your family. All they need to do is enter your sign up details (email and password), and they can access your Talentnook account.

In order to edit any information in your parent account, simply visit your Parent account, click on the item you want to edit (eg: your profile picture, your name), and make the necessary changes you wish to do.

Once you've created your Talentnook Parent account, you can log in to it, anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is open Talentnook website, click on the 'Login' option on top right corner, enter your login details, and you're in!

If you want to close your parent account, you can write to our Customer Experience team at info@talentnook.com, and we will help you close your account. However, if there's any issues or reason that made you take this step, you can always share it with us. We will do our best to resolve the issues.


If and when you wish to update your payment information, please write to our team at info@talentnook.com and we’ll guide you through the next steps.

Finding all your past lessons is easy. Visit Talentnook and go to 'My Lessons'. There, you can see your ongoing as well as completed lessons.

Yes you can! In order to see your payment history, open your Parent account, go to the top right corner of the page and click on ‘Payment’. This will take you to a page with a complete summary of all your past lessons.

No. There are absolutely no additional charges for availing in-person or online lessons from Talentnook. The only price you pay is the tutoring charge to your Talentmaster.

Group Lessons

As a host for group lessons, all you need to do is provide a suitable physical space in your home for conducting the lessons, along with proper seating and other arrangements. However, for the reason of safety, we suggest our hosts have a supervising adult during the lesson.

If you choose to host a group lesson at your home, you will be rewarded a host discount. The discount varies depending on the number of students attending the lesson. And increases with each additional student.

If you are not available for a lesson, we encourage you to inform the tutor or simply reply to the session reminder email you receive, and work with them to find an alternate host for the lesson. You can use the Lesson Message Board to communicate or send an email to the respective parties.

Here at Talentnook, your child’s safety is our primary concern. Every tutor at Talentnook is vetted through our multi-layer verification process. Plus, you can always contact us if you have any concerns with the tutors allotted to you and we'll make sure it’s resolved at the earliest.

No, we do not disclose any of our tutor’s numbers. However, if you want to talk to a private tutor, you can communicate with them over email or contact them by going to their profile. If the matter is urgent, you can write to us at info@talentnook.com and someone from the team will connect you with the private tutor ASAP.

Profile Setup For Tutors

First, begin by registering as a tutor with Talentnook using your email address. Once that’s done, start creating your tutor profile by providing all your past lesson experience, educational background, qualifications, achievements, location, pricing and other information. Refer to this profile setup guide for all the steps:


In order to update your tutoring location, you can visit your Talentmaster profile, go to your tutor account and click on ‘Update profile’.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, current circumstances, we are advising all our tutors to continue providing online private tutoring. Other than that, we have laid out specific safety guidelines to follow for in-person lessons during this time, so that no one party’s safety is compromised in any way. Additionally, we also require both the parent and Talentmaster to sign a waiver, stating they understand and agree to abide by all the safety measures. Hence, to avoid any complications, it’s best if you provide online tutoring for the time being.

Yes, we will. Once you register as a private online tutor, someone from the Talentnook Onboarding team will reach out to you and request a Zoom call with you. During the call, all your questions regarding profile setup and finding lessons will be answered. Then you can go ahead and successfully create your tutor profile, ready for being discovered by parents.

As of now, Talentnook only accepts private and online tutors across the United States of America, as we operate here.

Yes, you will receive Trial Lesson requests and messages from parents, based on the subjects you’ve mentioned you teach in your Talentmaster profile.

As a Talentmaster, keeping communication with parents is simple and easy. We encourage you to always maintain a two-way communication with parents, either via Talentnook email or from your lesson dashboard.

As a rule of thumb, we ask every parent to provide their feedback or review the lesson once the lesson is complete. So, we can take care of this for you, so that all you have to do is focus on your tutoring! However, if you feel necessary, you can always remind the parent to provide feedback and write you a review.

Trial lessons are a great way to establish and earn trust from parents and set forth a great student-teacher relationship with your student. There are 2 types of trial lessons available:

  • 30-min free trial session (for academic and non-academic lessons)
  • 20-min free trial sessions (for music-related lessons)

That won’t be necessary. When you join Talentnook as a tutor, it’s best to treat your tutor profile as an online resume, for all parents to see. Everything you would add in a professional resume - from your name, location, contact information, experience, qualification, and achievements - you can go ahead and mention in your profile. This way, it will help us filter out your profile and show it to interested and keen parents searching for specific tutors.

Yes, you can! While setting up your profile and pricing, you can set separate hourly rates for both online lessons and in-person lessons.

Updating or editing your tutoring profile is very easy. You can just visit your Talentmaster dashboard and click on the option to edit profile.

Absolutely! As a private online tutor and Talentmaster with Talentnook, you can promote yourself as a tutor anytime and anywhere you wish. Although Talentnook will always help you market your tutoring services, feel free to spread the word about your tutoring.

Yes, of course! We’re glad you asked! Please send us a mail to info@talentnook.com and we’ll help you through.

Yes, you can. Owing to recent circumstances, we’ve shifted all our lessons and mode of lessons to online. Hence, for your safety and the student’s safety, it would be best if you conducted online tutoring lessons.

The Talentmaster Agreement is our standard policy for tutors and instructors as independent contractors of Talentnook. It outlines and defines the terms and conditions of our service and relationship with you as the Talentmaster.

If you have accidentally signed up as a parent, you can either sign up again using a second email address, this time as a tutor. Or else you can send as an email at info@talentnook.com with your concern and we will help you out.

Absolutely! Once you sign up as a tutor with Talentnook, you can send messages to parents and communicate with them via your Talentmaster dashboard on our website.

Taking Lessons

In case an emergency arises where you want to reschedule an upcoming lesson, we encourage you to send an email to the parent/parents through Talentnook, notifying them of your decision and suggesting a new date for scheduling the lesson. In addition, you can go to the lesson dashboard and update your preferences and settings for the session.

In case of an emergency where you want to cancel your scheduled lesson, we’d encourage you to send an email to the parent/parents, notifying them of your decision and reason for cancellation. In addition, go to your lesson dashboard and click on ‘Cancel’ from the options beside the lesson you want to cancel. By doing so, the parent/parents will automatically be notified.

If such a situation arises, you can either add a new session for the lesson or contact the Talentnook team and we’ll figure out a way to conduct the session.

In case of a no-show from your student, wait for 10 mins and then drop from the session. Since the session is chargeable, you can go ahead and charge them. Send a message to the parent via email or contact us and we’ll figure out the next steps.

Yes, you can always start a Talentnook or host a lesson at your place. However, owing to current circumstances and safety reasons, we’d advise you to go for online lessons instead as it is a much safer alternative than taking lessons in person.

Yes, you can start a lesson at your home or at a parent’s home. If the parent is willing, feel free to go ahead with it.

Absolutely! You set your own rates and pricing. So if you wish, you can surely offer student discounts on your lessons, be it online lessons or in-person lessons.

Here at Talentnook, we’ve made a promise to our parents. That we will provide them with the best, vetted tutors who are experts and experienced in what they teach. Doing a thorough background check helps us achieve that. In addition, there is also a safety concern. Hence, all these factors are why a background check becomes mandatory.

Conducting a group lesson - be it online or offline - is of great significance to you as a tutor with Talentnook. Firstly, it helps you spread the word about your tutoring services to other parents and students who are looking for tutoring help for an academic subject or non-academic talent. Secondly, taking a group lesson means you’ll have the opportunity to earn more in less time (depending upon how many students you can teach in one group lesson). Hence, we always encourage our tutors to host group lessons online to their students and grow their income.

Absolutely, it’s up to you how many students you want to enroll into Talentnook to take lessons with you. In fact, if you have any interested students who are looking for private tutoring, it would be great if you can help them join Talentnook and start taking lessons with you.

You’d be glad to know there is no limit to the number of students you can enroll into Talentnook! It’s completely up to you and the parents of the students who you wish to enroll. We are always here to help you with the enrollment process if you wish to enroll a student. Just reach out to us at info@talentnook.com and we’ll give you all the help you require to start your journey with Talentnook as an online tutor.

Tutoring with Talentnook

So you want to start your tutoring journey with Talentnook? We’re glad you’re here! Joining us as an online tutor is simple and easy. You can get started in a few, quick steps. Once you sign up and create your tutor profile, we will guide you through the next steps and get your profile ready for enlisting tutoring lessons.

In order to be a Talentmaster, you need to:

  • Have expertise in a subject or experience as a private tutor for K-12 students
  • Have expertise in a skill or non-academic talent
  • You live in any of the cities in the USA.

Your Talentnook membership is free. Plus, for the first 5 sessions on a new lesson, we don’t take any service fee. Following that, we charge a small service fee for every session. Here’s a breakdown of the service fee for tutoring with Talentnook:

Name Min Sessions Max Sessions Fees (percentage)
Free 0 5 0%
Silver 6 25 18%
Gold 26 50 17%
Platinum 50+ 50+ 15%

Not at all. We provide full freedom to our tutors to be independent contractors. So no, we are not your employers. We are only here to provide you with the right platform and help to start and grow your tutoring journey and inspire young students.

Yes, you can! You can set any lesson schedule that works best for you.

Absolutely! Parents often show interest in a FREE Trial session before they sign their kids up for a lesson. So, we’d encourage you to provide Free Trials to win parent’s trust and show them your expertise. We’re sure they’ll love your tutoring approach and want to take future lessons with you!

You can start teaching your first lesson as soon as your profile is complete, along with a background check. This is when you can publish your lesson details and help parents search for your lessons.

Yes, you can. It’s your choice if you’d like to accept or decline a new lesson request. However, if you do have any specific reasons for declining and want to discuss it, please reach out to us at info@talentnook.com and we’ll try to help you out.

In case you have declined a student lesson request by mistake or have changed your mind later on, you can personally reach out to us at info@talentnook.com and our team will try their best to help you revive that lesson request.

We’re afraid not. We are an educational company that provides academic and non-academic guidance to students. We aim to be the personal guide of all young learners. This is why we’ve enlisted a number of subjects and talents that our tutors can teach and share their skills with. If you want to extend your tutoring help to any of these talents, please feel free to share your knowledge as a tutor.