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    TalentnookUnlike other tutoring platforms, we prioritize the safety, convenience, and well-being of both students and tutors.

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    TalentnookWe connect parents of students with the same interests with each other and the relevant Talentmaster.

    TalentnookTalentnook is an after-school learning service that is dedicated to making learning stressless for parents, students and teachers.

    TalentnookWe believe that tutors and students should be able to personalize their lesson curriculum to suit their interests and needs.

    TalentnookOur platform connects students with like-minded interests as well as possible tutors, allowing us to create a learning community.

    • All registrations are validated after the user either enrolls in a lesson or teaches their first session. Processing of Talentnook Cash is done upon validation.
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    • Talentmasters may redeem Talentnook Cash against the service fee of a lesson while Parents may redeem Talentnook Cash against the lesson fee.
    • Talentnook Cash will expire 90 days after validation and cannot be redeemed after expiry.
    • Only one referral code can be applied per new Talentnook user registered.
    • Maximum 5 referrals.
    • You cannot refer someone who has previously been registered with Talentnook and/or siblings of students previously enrolled. Parents cannot refer their own children.
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