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Irfhana Zakir Hussain is an undergraduate student in Computer Science and Engineering with Big Data Analytics. A lover of both STEM and humanities, she combines the two by writing analytical pieces on essential topics in education. In 2016, she was one of 15 students worldwide selected to speak at the inaugural TED-Ed Weekend. There, Irfhana navigated the complex issue of solving the effects of racism and intersectionality on educational opportunities.


6 Ways to Boost Your SAT Reading Score

Are you studying for the SAT or planning on starting sometime soon? If the answer is yes, you may want to take a look into the essential strategies that will boost your score in the SAT Reading section. Also Read: The...

March 17, 2020

Why the Neighborhood Learning Model is Revolutionary

Imagine the average school classroom. Most everyone draws inspiration from their own learning experiences at school and can conjure an image of a teacher standing in front of a class of 30 students—their faces blurred—surrounded by walls covered with motivational...

March 13, 2020
The 5 Best Ways to Successfully Learn Spanish

The 5 Best Ways to Successfully Learn Spanish

Learning a new language is always a daunting but exciting task. Unfortunately, there is a harsh truth. Regardless of how motivated you are when you begin, your way of learning can greatly determine your success with the language. This especially...

February 17, 2020

Paying for College: 5 Tips to Reduce the Cost of College

Answering the question, “How should I be paying for college?” is similar to “How to get fit?” or “How to learn a new language?”. In other words, these questions are broad in nature and everyone can formulate a different answer...

February 4, 2020
How to Build Your Resume for College Applications

How to Build Your Resume for College Applications

Want to get into your dream college? Writing a tailor-made resume for the college of your choice can make your dream a reality! Often, college applications fail to illuminate what makes you a great addition to the campus. Customizing a...

January 27, 2020
Studying for a test

How to Study for SAT Subject Tests: A Quick Guide

Planning on taking an SAT Subject Test but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. By reading through this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about how to study for the SAT Subject...

January 10, 2020
searching for scholarships

8 Things You Need to Know About Scholarships

Believe it or not, finding and being selected for scholarships is not as impossible as it feels. In fact, we are here to bust common myths and half-truths to help you find this scholarship search more manageable.

January 2, 2020

A Quick Guide to Writing the Best College Essay

If you are reading this sentence, you are probably going to start or in the middle of writing your personal statements. “Personal statement” is just a fancy way to say college essay. However, we do maintain that it is an...

December 9, 2019
Common Core Math

Common Core Math Explained

Back in 2009, the Race to the Top competitive grants incentivized Common Core curriculum. This new initiative would provide extra funding to the states adopting the Common Core standards and methodologies. While the changes to English are understandable, Common Core...

December 3, 2019