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How to be a high school student and a part time​ tutor?

From preparing the resume for college application to studying hard for exams, high school students have a long year ahead. While school life gets the better of time, students are also looking out for part-time jobs that amp up their...

/ February 12, 2019

The smart guide to being a successful tutor in 2019

It’s been a month since 2019 started. As tutors, we hope that New year brings promises and hope for bringing in new prospective clients and students. However, there are a few things we can do to nudge this process along...

/ February 5, 2019

Purpose of Talentnook

If you are a teacher, chances are that you will be highly benefited out of Talentnook.  Talentnook is one of a kind, rather world’s first neighborhood learning community for kids. With a goal to create a platform for teachers to...

/ April 17, 2018