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Curated resources to help you provide high-quality tuition and support to your students.

Talentnook’s Terminology
Get yourself familiar with some of the commonly used terms at Talentnook.
Guide To Profile Setup
Your guide into the profile creation process and essential information to help you create your tutor profile

Communicate with parents
Effective interaction is the key. Your guide to how to interact with a parent through Talentnook. Learn here what parents expect and how to interact with them.
Tutor Training Course
Become an effective tutor with Talentnook’s tutor training resources. Learn how to actively engage students in the learning process and improve your teaching skills with tested teaching strategies
Trial Session
A breakdown of a typical trial session at Talentnook and the tips to make it a hit. We got you!
Know Your Dashboard
Your Dashboard is your insights into Talentnook. Learn how it operates and be informed always!

Session Reports: What and how
Session Reports: What, Why and How?
Best Practices for Tutors
Curated tips and tricks for tutors to help you impart a highly effective teaching experience to your students
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About ‘Profile setup’ during sign up

Community Guidelines
Review the Community Guidelines to learn how you can create a neighbourhood learning community