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Parent Communication
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Parent Communication
Too much confusion about what all to cover while talking to a parent for a session? No worries, here we have listed down all the points that you must keep in mind while interacting with a parent on Talentnook. Lets keep it friendly yet professional!
When a parent contacts you through your profile, you will receive an email. You can send a direct response to that email to establish communication with the parent. A typical email from a parent includes the age/grade of the student and what they are looking for.
Replying to the Email:
  • Respond to the email by simply replying to it as any other regular email.
  • Respond as soon as possible and definitely within 24 hours.
  • If the response has not been made within a few hours, your Talentnook advisor will text you. If you cannot respond within 24 hours, please inform Talentnook.
  • If there is no action from your end, there is a high chance of losing the student to another teacher.
How to draft a good response:
Your reply to the email can include:
  • A Greeting
  • Thanking the parent for considering you as their child’s teacher.
  • Let the parent know if you are available to teach.
    • If No, leave an apology note and let them know Talentnook will reach out to them with more amazing teacher profiles.
    • If Yes, leave a note showing interest to teach and ask relevant questions like:
      a) What does your child need help with?
      b) What are his strengths and struggle areas?
      c) If it is a non-academic class, ask about the child’s level of understanding.
      d) Ask how many sessions a week are they looking for?
      e) Provide some of the preferred time and day options and ask their availability
DO NOT share any personal information like your phone number or a personal email. Try to communicate only through Talentnook. Talentnook also discourages sharing your last name with anyone for security reasons.
After receiving a reply from the parent, you should
  • Provide a genuine suggestion whether you are a well suited teacher for their needs or not.
    • If No, suggest looking for other teachers on Talentnook.
    • If Yes, suggest a trial session.
  • Provide a high-level path to the parent. Eg – ‘If the child is struggling with algebra 2, then I will be happy to brush up his algebra 1 while simultaneously working on mastering algebra 2’.
  • Provide the relevant lesson link to the parent and ask to “Request the lesson” for a free trial session. To find the lesson link, login to your Talentnook account >> View Profile>>Select the lesson that will suit this student>>click on book lesson>>copy link
  • Let the parent know that the fee is mentioned on the profile. They can reach out to Talentnook if they have questions about fee or account setup.
Limitations of communicating through Talentnook
Your reply to the email can include:
  • The emails Do Not Support attachments.
    • Try to work with links through emails.
    • If you don’t have a link, let Talentnook know.
If the first contact was made through a lesson request –
  • A similar conversation can happen.
  • If the lesson they requested is not the correct one, ask Talentnook to edit the lesson name.
  • Set up the lesson and get it going.
Some other email threads that can be used to communicate with your ongoing parent:
  • Session reminder email
  • Session cancellation email
  • Session report email