Talentnook Terminology

Talentnook Terminology
Talentnook's Terminology
Talentnook Terminology
Like every community, Talentnook has its own Dialect. Here we bring you the details and explanation of each of the commonly used terms at Talentnook like- Talents, Lessons, Sessions and Talentmaster. These terms will help you at every step with Talentnook, right from making your profile to communicating with the parents and students.
Talentnook is an innovative ed-tech company that believes in the use of some unique terminology to create clear differentiation amongst various concepts. It is important to understand and use these terms properly. Some of the most important and frequently used ones are:
Talent is a broad subject category that you are willing to teach. For example: Math, Science, English, Essay Writing, Guitar, Computer Science etc.
While working through your profile:
  • Create a Talent you want to teach
  • Check the boxes for the levels (Elementary/Beginner, Middle/Intermediate and High/Advanced) that you can teach.
  • Provide a well-crafted general Lesson Outline for that Talent. It helps to set the right expectations for parent and student and gives a clear understanding of your teaching approach.
A lesson is each topic that you can teach under a given Talent.
For eg:
  • Algebra 1, Trigonometry, Calculus, Pre Calculus under Math
  • Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary under English
You can find a list of common lessons under various Talents here.
When you create a Talent, the system creates Draft Lessons for those Talents based on the levels you selected
  • Edit the names of the Draft Lessons as per your topic expertise (For ex: If you teach Algebra under Math, you can edit the existing Math lesson name to Algebra)
  • You can also duplicate a lesson and edit its name. Make sure to duplicate from one of the Math lessons if the new lesson falls under Math.
  • Feel free to be creative with a lesson name that will stand out. But remember, there is a character limit 🙂
  • Before Publishing any of your lessons, make sure you have provided a clear and unique Lesson Outline. A lesson outline needs to be more specific to the lesson and different from the general lesson outline that you added at the time of creating the Talent. Here is a sample lesson outline for Algebra Lessons and Essay Writing.
  • This is an introductory course in Algebra. Students will be assessed to gauge their understanding and the lesson plan will be drafted accordingly.
    Topics include operations with numerical and algebraic expressions, introduction to variables, solving linear and absolute value equations and inequalities; irrational numbers, factoring polynomials, solving quadratic equations, graphing linear equations and inequalities and more.
    Study skills are also emphasized during the course of the lesson along with setting up short and long term goals based on student needs.
    A typical 60 minute session includes revision, addressing concerns/questions from students, covering new topics and reinforcing the learning objectives with stronger conceptual clarity.
    Essay writing is more of a creative process and progress than a curriculum based learning.
    I will assess the students for their interests in writing, understanding of grammar and vocabulary.
    I will teach students various forms of writing, parts of essay, importance of an outline, structure and flow. The students will learn through multiple examples as well as actual and real work. We will go over the readings, homework and much more.
    I will encourage and ensure the students develop a lasting love for writing.
A session is each class that you teach. It is usually a 60 minute session for academic talents and there can be different durations for non academic ones.
A Talentmaster is YOU!
At Talentnook, we like to uniquely refer to all our teachers and tutors as TALENTMASTERS. This is definitely out of respect for our teachers but also for we genuinely believe that you are a master of the Talent that you decided to teach.
So feel free to boast about your “Talentmaster at Talenook” brand on platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, gatherings, parties and everywhere possible.
Trust us, you will love it!